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Don't impersonate. Don't name someone involuntarily. You can lose everything if you cross the line, and no, I won't cancel your automatic payments first, so you'll have to do it the hard way. See how serious this sounds? That's how serious you're meant to take these.


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Built to incentivise language creation and usage while maintaining control over speech patterns

Accelerating the Democratisation of Language

Building Your Next Database,
For All Your AI BIG DATA Needs.

Private Playlists, Reading Lists, Imageboards you can sell

Link sharing for money.



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  • Sell pre-configurations of templates
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All in one solution to document management

Learning To Predict/Generate Article from Title,

Learning To Predict/Generate Definition from Word,

Learning To Predict/Generate Image from Title,

Learning To Predict/Generate Requested URL Content from Title,

Open Access Codebase, free to use so long as no profit

Payments in credits for advertisers to buy off you,

Payments in credits for you to advertise your products,

Advertising credits paid to owners of products next to placed ad.

In-built code words,
Talk slang, but leave no one uninformed.

Preach your message
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Be Here Now.
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Language Games.

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If you don't know you don't know
If you don't know, you weren't invited.

Urban Dictionary, but monetised for the creator
Reddit forums, but monetised for the moderator.

Sick of saying things like: "not wild music in terms of noisy"
"but wild in terms of natural and free flowing" - denote that.

See the ABOUT This is not what you think. It never is, and it never was.
Conform to a new standard, and then the standard changes. Stay the same, and you'll be older than a toothbrush,
With teeth cleaner than you can sleep in.

Why Choose Us

Designed For Everyone

ThinkNot can only make an income if:
The audience wishes to make an income from it.
Say "woah" 1000 times, and say No, when you think you do.

Expert Reporting

You might ask people persons people questions
But what's outside of you, you can't know
Not unless you have the chance to explain yourself.

Content Uploading

Coherency is not granted by authority on high
Only incoherency can do that
Anything you say can and will
be used against you when courting.

Nothing Special

Think Not shows you what not to think
Nothing changes by itself
Even if you say one thing alone,
You must say another to correct it.

Believe yourself

You could rely on an authoriy
and that is ultimately good
You would need to believe in yourself
At the same time as doing both.

You control us

We will listen to you and give you the chance to explain yourself
If words hurt, you have one of two options
Change what they mean, to hide the idea.
Or block them before they can even be said.
If language can be sour, salty, and burn,
And that's dictated by authority
Then it's about time we clean our minds up

Hard Money

Hard money needs an authority
True money needs knowledge of truth

You may not have the time or care for this
But that is fine by me

If you need your beauty sleep
I will lie next to you, restless

Time is of the essence
You only live as long as you can be heard

So when no one is listening
Why not scream into the void.