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Speak Up, Cash In

Unleash your inner linguist and earn rewards by speaking the right words in the right spaces. Be the conversation commander you know you can be.

Open Source Trust

Safeguard your space. Our open-source foundation ensures full transparency so you always know what’s behind closed doors.

Multi-Exponential Growth

Dictionaries that require dictionaries, of words made of words that can be sponsored for increasing rates as the dictionaries get more expensive. Lift global incomes from the impact of worded texts.

Unique Word Enforcements

Definitions are attributed, not enforced, what you hold in your mind is what you see in the world. Synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms, are not essential, but are tied to the definition, not the word. Words can have many definitions, definitions can have many words. ie: The game and language is not set, while the mind and architecture is.


Engaging Spaces

Custom language sets


Free Market Moderation

Curate with confidence


Rewards Galore

Earn from your words

Urban Chats

Remix street slang in an urban haven fueled by custom language sets and rewards.

Eco Talks

Venture into our eco-friendly spaces, promoting green thinking and rewarding sustainability speak.

Market Buzz

Master the art of selling by mingling with other savvy sellers in a vibrant marketplace.

Questions & Answers

How do moderators keep spaces safe?

Moderators curate and enforce custom language sets, ensuring spaces are always a safe environment for users.

How does the reward system work?

Users earn rewards based on the words they use and their ability to sell products within spaces.

What makes this platform stand out?

Our platform combines the best of Urban Dictionary and Reddit, creating a unique, open-source, and rewarding ecosystem.

How can I create my own space?

Sign up, choose your desired language set, and get started on creating and moderating your very own space.