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Don't impersonate. Don't name someone involuntarily. You can lose everything if you cross the line, and no, I won't cancel your automatic payments first, so you'll have to do it the hard way. See how serious this sounds? That's how serious you're meant to take these.


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Time to: decentralise the control of language!
dissolve the boundaries between language borders.

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Balancing for Equitable Unity: Our community focuses on balancing and accelerating meaningful connections, leaving no individual behind.

Freely Commercialising User Choice Definitions
Create-your-own code words

hide your truth - conceal your intent

Connecting the disconnected: We want to remove the need for
like-mindedness for people to meaningfully increase connection with others

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Connecting the disconnected: We want to remove the need for
like-mindedness for people to meaningfully increase connection with others

Advertise or subscribe to private dictionaries of code words and forums
Speak in public, but only be known in private.

Multidimensional Voting Mechanism: The voting mechanism should be designed to be N-dimensional, allowing for greater granularity in the post categorization and analyzed. For example, a user could "vote" for a post not only based on its content, but also vote on its delivery, tone, or any other aspect deemed important.

See the ABOUT page to read the research paper on the conceptual design mechanic for this particular Social Media Platform, which is inherently a combination of Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and Reddit, with a touch of ascento-secrecy.

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Designed For Everyone

BabylonPolice pays it's readers, posters, and commenters.
With adrevenue going to users, and they can sell their compositions, we have happy advertisees.
Happy Advertisees means a better response and a better audience.

Expert Reporting

BabylonPolice stores the location of every view, and click
This allows you to see who sees your ad and where
With better ad management, you get better results.

Content Uploading

BabylonPolice automatically copies the content from other websites
Bringing you the best free content from around the web
All your favourite content all in one place, paying you.

No Blockchain Required

BabylonPolice pays you with credits that you sell to advertisers
There are no fees involved, so no losses
We pay no allegience to one blockchain to rule them all.


The most data that BabylonPolice takes from you is your email
We don't care who you are or where you come from
We allow everyone around the glob to use our site.

No Moderation/Censorship

We used to use Reddit, but BabylonPolice was built different
Without moderation we don't have to pay people for reporting
We are going back to the wild west, for the people.

Featured Posts

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Lawmakers and corporations are in bed with each other again. Not only do lobbyists get paid by corporations to sway the government, but they capture their own: It's not illegal for lawmakers to own shares in companies, even when an investigation into those companies is underway.

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Sell your soul to the ascension of information
Have a stake in content propagation.

We make companies reveal what words they sponsor
So they reveal what presumptions they honour.

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current baby food scandal in the US 95% contain either Arsenic Mercury
Lead or Cadmium.

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